Built out of the state of the art construction blocks with thermal insulation Ytong Lambda YQ 450 mm

Construction blocks YtongG Statik 250 250mm a 300mm

Plastering BAUMIT, object without the need for additional insulation / contruction blocks Ytong Lambda YQ 450mm comply with the strickest thermal insulation requirements / brick lining

Flat, made out of wooden trusses, PVC foil covering

Facade- plastic windows, triple glazing Ug = 0.60 W / m2K, exterior aluminum window sills, aluminum doors in common areas, fire-resistant entrance doors to the apartments. The security and the fire protection is in accordance with IEC standards (STN)

Common areas in the interior – jointless tiles.
Exterior and terraces- target tiles, composite boards.
Loggia and balconies tiles.

Electric heating, floor heating, heating ladders, facilities to control the temerature in each room

Each apartment will have separate meters, common areas will have collctive meters

The residential complex will be managed by a management company

The residential apartments are offered as unfurnished apartments. In case you would be interested in a furnished apartment – we a can ensure this with a separate contract.